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Winnie Tarot provide email Tarot reading service worldwide. We believe that the Tarot is a powerful tool for self-awareness and empowerment. We don’t believe that the future is set in stone and so we will not make definitive predictions or guarantee outcomes, nor take away the free will of our clients. We do not offer third party readings, and answer any questions relating to medical, financial and legal matters. Please consult qualified professionals for any medical, financial and legal matters.

We reserve the right to refuse email Tarot reading service requests at our discretion and refuse to do reading for question that goes against our code of ethics.

Although Tarot Reading is used as a tool for self-awareness and empowerment, it is ultimately viewed as a form of entertainment only. We do not take away of your free will and so we will not take any responsibility for the decisions and actions our clients take following a Tarot reading.

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